Fast scanning

AIST-NT Fast scanning example



Sample: Celgard
Scan size: 1x1 um, 400x400, 10 Hz
Cantilever: Nanoworld Arrow-UHF-SPL, 1.2MHz


Fast scanning, new achievements: High quality noncontact measurements of HOPG with scan rates up to 70 Hz

AIST-NT presents the new achievement in fast scanning technology using the combination of SmartSPM™ scanner, NanoWorld ArrowTM UHF (ultra high frequency) silicon probe and AIST-NT’s MagicScan™ technology.
Measurements conditions: Sample – HOPG; 8x8 microns area; 512х512 points; Probe - NanoWorld ArrowTM UHF silicon probe, resonant frequency 1.1 MHz Mode - AC-noncontact; cantilever oscillation amplitude - 8nm.

Fast scanning of nanolithography pattern on Ti film, 3x3 microns

AIST-NT MagicScan technology demonstration, 30 microns

AIST-NT MagicScan technology demonstration, 12 microns

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